Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Dream Of Wild Rides & French Fries

I had that dream last night, one I've had for decades.

I'm driving Grandpa Harry's red 1960 Ford Fairlane with my sister -- as in I'm on the floor, working the peddles, and she's steering.

After we go through the obligatory cartoon clothesline (seriously!), we stop and I climb over the seat to the back seat. On the floor I find old, cold, McDonald's French fries.

And I eat them.

What's really strange is that Grandpa Harry wasn't the type to let us eat in his car -- at all. I'm not saying he'd have let us drive it, especially as we did; but the finding & eating of fries in his car seems even less likely and stands out as far more odd. Even if I did eat old, cold, French fries found in cars (I remember, vividly, eating those I discovered in our family car & Grandpa Val's Skylark). Maybe that's because the one-steering-one-working-the-peddles Mr. Magoo-style driving scenario is a classic bit, a collective memory; but I don't know anyone else who admits to eating old found fries.

I know others must have. They just don't admit it.

But I woke up craving those fries. Not McDonald's fries, but the old cold ones in my dream.

This proves the memorable taste of the original deep fried in oil with animal fat McDonald's French fries.



Blogger Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Holy moly! Welcome back!

Never ate an old-cold fry but I did eat leftover chicken wings that had been in the car a couple days. Hey - it was winter.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

*flicks a dream cold french fry at you*. I don't know which of your blogs to read to find you. I'll just keep flicking french fries at you. Either you'll send me an email yelling at me to cut it out or you'll post bad things about what an annoying bitch I am in one of your blogs. Either way I'll know you're still around, somewhere. :P

7:32 PM  

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