Friday, September 19, 2008

The Inane & The Insane

Hubby & I have been sick this week, so perhaps it's not surprising that I should have strange & varied dreams...

Tuesday night, I dreamt for hours and hours that I was folding towels. Just folding towels. There were hand towels, dish towels, and bath towels of every size, color and pattern. I just kept carrying laundry baskets to the couch and folding and folding and folding, then putting them away and getting another basket full.

Wednesday I just tossed and turned, hot & cold, and if I dreamt I don't recall anything.

Thursday, last night, I had one of those dreams in which I could not speak.

I remember I was scared and couldn't scream -- but I'm not sure why. Then hubby appeared and I couldn't tell him what was going on. I was frustrated and upset that I couldn't talk and that he seemed not to notice.

Suddenly, as happens in dreams, we were in our bedroom (not our real bedroom, but it was our bedroom in dreamland) and he came up behind me and put his arms around me -- it startled me and I didn't like feeling immobilized as well as speechless, so I tried to dislodge him. We ended up on the bed, me face down on the comforter and him half on top of me. I looked up and at the head of our dreamland bed was a window; there in the bright sunlight were dozens of grey cats and kittens and hundreds of bright butterflies.

Hubby went over to go play with them. I sat up on the bed and noticed a Monarch was on my shirt -- one of its legs caught in the pink nylon. Again, I couldn't speak to get help, so I tried to lift the butterfly and get it unstuck. I did, and it fluttered back to the sunny window area. I wanted to move closer to hubby so that I could tap on him and try to communicate with him, but first I had to check to make sure that by moving I wouldn't crush or harm any butterflies or kittens. The scene was beautiful, all those cats and all those butterflies in the sunlight. But it was not comforting; being unable to communicate how amazing all this was was horrible. I woke up still feeling frightened beyond belief.