Friday, January 27, 2006

Fancy Feline Dreams

My sister & her husband have a huge home, very new, and it could house a small army rather than their small family of three -- and two dogs (Labrador retrievers, called The Bumpus Hounds after the dogs in A Christmas Story). However, in this dream, it is just my sister and I...

We are in her immaculate and large kitchen, which is full of streaming sunlight. My sister moves between the huge center kitchen island and the sink, preparing something or other, and we are chatting (there is no conversation, rather the air of being chatty -- as if the dream started before the dreamer was aware of it).

I hear a small 'meow' and am startled as neither my sister nor her husband are cat people. I look around, and off to my right is a small dark animal figure. It is definitely a feline shape.

As I approach it, I say to my sister, "Oh, you have a cat?" To which she replies, not looking up from her task at the sink, "Yes, the Dobsons brought it over." She sounds bored and more than a bit annoyed -- no exasperated actually.

I feel bad for this little critter so small, quiet and (I feel) unloved. I lean over, and as a pet lover will, I croon something or other as a 'hello' to the cat. Being respectful of felines and their moods, I don't dare bend to pet it until I am certain it wishes me to (not wishes me to pet it, but wishes me to bend toward it for whatever cat-game it has in store), so I lean in for my 'hello' and then I begin to straighten back out of my lean. It is then that I spot something -- I am not sure, but I think I see a flash of hot pink.

Sort of a pearlized or metallic pink, but very bright. I look at the cat. She seems unconcerned, unfazed by the rudeness of such scrutiny. She almost seems to welcome it. In fact, in my mind (my dream mind) I can almost hear her say "Please, notice me." So, I now crouch down beside her, this small, elegant ball of black fur. Nothing seems unusual. She's black as black can be, and I tell myself her coat is so black, so shiny, that I likely saw the sun play across her fur, and cause a bit of a prism effect.

I raise my hand to pet her, and then I see it again. Something pink -- and something blue, bright turquoise blue! I am too close to be mistaken, my bent-over frame blocking too much of the sun, and in slow motion I focus in on the cat's fur.

It seems that her coat of black shiny fur is an illusion, for her body is colored in pink and blue 'splotches' of fur -- that sounds too ugly for what beauty is here, yet 'splotches' is the only word I have to describe it -- and above it, black lines -- fibers of fur... Or is it feathers?

It vaguely resembles peacock feathers, but only because that's how language limits. Even drawing limits; its two dimensions limiting the play in depth & texture of this three dimensional cat creation. For while starring at the cat, I see these black markings as distinct from the pink and blue bursts, at first glance, they are not visible. It's as if I have super-vision. Or that I have been given a special gift, the ability to see such a thing.

My hand is still raised to pet her, but I am afraid too -- afraid of damaging such beauty. Without taking my eyes off the cat, I say to my sister, "My God, she's beautiful, what sort of cat is this?" upon which my sister replies, her voice sounding preoccupied with her kitchen tasks, and again this faint annoyed quality, "Oh she's a (can't remember the name this dream cat breed has). The Dobsons had a litter, and they are quite rare, so when they offered one to us, we couldn't say 'no'..." Her voice trailed off as if the exquisite cat was nothing other than an exercise in the social discomfort of a non-cat-person concerned with offending a person of standing for what is presumed to be such a gracious gift.

I myself am still peering at the cat, with my hand frozen somewhere between feline and my own torso, struck by this mysterious and special creature. And struck dumb as to how my sister can be so nonchalant about this precious animal.

I look at the cat. She looks back at me. Her eyes sparkle, but I don't see a color. There is depth, but no way to describe them. Like her patterned coat, her eyes defy description for there is nothing else like them. But it's not how her yes look that is important. Her eyes seem to compel me to touch her... She craves some affection, to be treated as more than some dustbunny that one must feed... But I am too amazed by what I see, and I am afraid I will ruin such delicate beauty somehow...

Then, as I sit there, it's as if I hear the cat again. Her voice seems to be in my head saying how she misses being pet, caressed; that no one loves and appreciates her. I move to touch her, and I hear or imagine her sigh of relief and delight as I reach to do so. My hand nears her and she fans her fur-feathers fully, like a peacock spreads his tail feathers. It amazing to watch the fur glisten, shimmer and glow & I know, I know it will be as soft as kitten fur... Then everything else blurs and the dream is gone.

It's not until days later that I shake-off the empty sad feelings of the cat. And longer still to remember my standard line about heaven:

"If there's a heaven, I want a job painting cats."

So, now, what do you think this dream means?


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dream Visit to "The Doctor"

My foot hurts, so hubby will take me to the doctor. (Like many dreams, I do not see him, but know the muddy male, as if seen in peripheral vision, is my real life husband, not one of those dream family members -- you know the ones you don't recognize but in the dream they are your husband, even if they are your Uncle Sal, your old gym teacher, or whatever. Nope, I know this is my real husband.)

As we drive in the car, I ask where he is taking me. He laughs and says "To the doctor."

"I know," I reply, "but which one?"

He laughs harder & says "Here in Fargo, when someone says 'The Doctor' that's just what they mean -- there is only one doctor, silly." (This is curious, as it is more something that I would say -- mocking his hometown -- than he would say.)

As we move towards a building, he mocks me for not recognizing The Doctor's Office, as we've surely been here before.

Upon entering, I sit down in the waiting room. My foot is throbbing, so I take off my shoe to relieve some pressure. I twist my foot so that I can look at the area that hurts -- on the ball of my right foot, mid-point between the piggy who had none & the piggy who cried 'wee-wee-wee' all the way home, I see a dot, perhaps the size of a small planters wart.

The nurse comes to the waiting room, and leads us to an exam room -- as I get closer to the exam room, the hallway turns and I recognize this section of the hallway which leads to yet another waiting area. I comment that I recognize The Doctor's Office now, and both hubby & the nurse patronizingly smile at me, as if I am not too bright. As I sit in the exam room with hubby, I tell him that surely I am allowed to not recognize a building we were in once before when we had entered from the other side... He is not convinced.

A few minutes later, hubby leaves (to see where the Doc is, I am guessing, and I think he carries my right shoe, as it is nowhere to be seen from this point on), and I am alone in the exam room.

Even in dreams waiting seems to be forever. In the dream I counsel myself that surely with only one doctor, there are many more seriously injured persons than myself, so I must be prepared to wait. More time passes. Eventually, I get up & wander toward the waiting room that I recognized.

This waiting room is vastly different than the waiting room I was first in, and in fact like no other waiting room I have ever heard of -- all the seating is full size beds, complete with double rows of pillows and dark blue comforters. (In the dream I do not think this is odd.)

I sit on the edge of the first bed I come to (I guess because my foot hurts, but I am not thinking of it at this point.) As soon as I sit, I hear giggling. As I have sat on the end of the bed, I turn behind me to see a young couple, a man & a woman, under the covers, heads smiling on the pillows. I quickly apologize, in a mumbley way, and scurry to the next bed & sit on it's edge. As it is positioned parallel to the first bed, I sit facing the bed with the young couple. But my foot now hurts so badly, that I bend to look at it.

I no longer need to twist it to look at the bottom, for something has changed:

Yes, apparently, my right baby-toe is now a penis -- or at least has some growth on it, made of flesh, which looks very, Very much like a penis...

Oddly, this does not alarm me. I am fascinated, yes, and look at it for a long time, but do not touch it. (Can ya blame me?)

Obviously now bored with such a trifle of a foot disorder, I place my hands, palm down behind me, and sit back a bit, relaxed. The minute I do this, I feel fur & what feels like little tiny kitten teeth on my left wrist (You think by now I'd have learned to look in these waiting-room-beds prior to sitting on them, but apparently not.) Without looking (so far I feel the only message in this dream is "Look around you, stupid!") I reach behind me and pull out what I believe to be a kitten.

Accompanied by a chorus of giggles from bed number one, my left hand delivers to the front of my face not a kitten, but a baby raccoon. I'm a bit surprised by this, so we'll forgive me as I slowly realize that the giggling female part of the couple is speaking. "We brought all our raccoons with us" she says laughingly and buries her smiling face in the chest of her male bed partner.

It's then that I slowly twist my body to look behind me, and there, on the bed, is a pile of small, or young, raccoons. There must be 20, or 40 of 'em.

I don't think this is weird, just very cool, and I feel lucky to find them there. I begin to play with them all, as if they were a box full of free kittens. I play, they nibble & pounce, as the girl in yonder bed continues to giggle.

Hubby returns, he seems a bit distracted or irritated by my being here -- be it the 'bedroom waiting area' or the fact that I left the exam room, I cannot tell. He motions for me to come to him. I, too enthralled with the fun & cuddly raccoons, motion for him to come to me. (I think he is carrying my shoe, but again, he's sort of blurry.)

Upon meeting me at the bed, he says we should go to the exam room again. I say "But honey, when have you ever seen such an abundance of raccoons?" in a voice that speaks of both my wonder at the animals and my disappointment that he is not enjoying the critters too.

He sort of frowns, and my toe does hurt... so I follow him back to the exam room.

When we get there, I lift my foot to the exam table and show (hubby? the nurse? the doctor finally? I have no idea) my deformed toe. But now the penis has changed...

(Men, & other squeamish folks, stop reading, I implore you!)

Now, my right baby-toe is almost to normal size, but it is very, Very clear that the head has been, err, blown off... if you can (and want to) try to imagine where the line around the penis shaft is, the line a circumcised male has, which shows where his hood was? Well at that line, there is a bloody stump, with a loose balloon of skin -- it looks as if the whole head was one large blister, and it popped, the explosion leaving just the shaft, or in this case, my regular but slightly swollen baby-toe plus a bit of extra skin & blood.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt. At all.

The End.

So, what does it mean...?


We Begin

"Sorry, there are no matches for your request. For best results, narrow your search request to one or two words. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and we will work on an interpretation of this new symbol for future inclusion into the Dream Moods dictionary." (see blue search box at side)

This is why I begin the blog. None of my search terms come up with anything. And while I have learned, via all my years of dreaming, to tell the day dreams from the sleeping ones, the nightmares from the possibilities, the typical from the prophetic ones, I still get lost in them all.

Now it's up to you to help decipher.

Or, stop by to laugh, cry, cringe & whatnot.

Like dreams themselves, blogs are created as they go along...